Ranked as EXCELLENT by Leaders League for the Second Year in a Row

Captura de pantalla 2016-05-12 a las 11.37.47 p.m.

It is my distinct privilege to convey to you that the prestigious ranking of data protection law firms in Mexico by Leaders League has ranked my practice as «Excellent» for the second year straight. I’m honored to be included among such noted practitioners as Héctor Guzmán from BGBG, Agustín Ríos from R1OS, Bufete Soni and Lex Informática.

Thanks and gratitude are in order to friends who’ve provided encouragement and references, as well as to our esteemed clients who have trusted us with their requirements for compliance and advisory and also to Leaders League.

It further commits efforts to not just remain in that tier, but to reach the one and become «Leading».



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